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Pregnancy [14 Jun 2005|10:09pm]
I cant find Anyone else on here any more. ALthough I can pretty much understand why. I sometimes think of everyone back at Nova, especially Bill. I loved him dearly, and theres no one else in the world that makes it go away.

Except for whats inside me. The little creature, who loves to hicup and snore in my womb. I wouldnt be surprised if it turned out to be bills. Only time will tell. If its a boy I want to call it ALexander and for a girl Alice. ALthough that changes from week to week.

I guess, thats All I think I can say. THese last six months have been... anything but uneventful, but theres to much in so little time. I hope those I left behind can forgive me... And those who still want me, can go jump of a bridge
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Op Date [06 Dec 2004|02:10am]
Op Date is on tuesday, so I wont be on for a week :(
feeling a little lonely here. Thought about going with Matt down to bowl land,
but im too lazy. That and Im too cold. Even know this place is climate controlled, the airrator keeps braking down. Thus Lana becomes very cold.

Met Bill once again today. Very odd chap. But he at least has a good sence of humour. And I know hell see this, so I wont include anything bad. Not that there is anything. But just to cover my ass.

Went to see Doc and talked for a while about everything. Hope everything goes ok. Cant wait till the Xmas paty. Then to see My sister and my mum. I miss them both. Would like to see my other Sister, but shes with her hubby in Hawaii... *sigh*

But overall nice day. Despite freezing cold and very crappy sandwich

Lana over and out. ;)
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Zee chopstix [05 Dec 2004|04:14pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Found Doc on the net last night ha ha.

Talked about operation. Alot.
Im still scared, suppose thats normal.
Going to see Dr Darkling today for leading check up
to op. See if everythings in order so I get the go ahead.

That means a week and a half in a tank of very gooey water with those nanody things. And no im never good at explaining techniqual terms. But the problem is, that means I wont be able move. Fingers and toes being the exception to that rule which isnt much of a comfort at all. I hate being taht dependant on people. Not only that, but that Ill also be half in the nude. Well everything except their accepted variation of underwear aka two pastry like sheets one covering top the other bottom. Bleh.

Least its better than the general ward beds, since their usually too hot or too cold, very uncomforatable and usually takes days more to get the ok from Doc to go out.

Enough of my bitching anyway. Planning to go to the park this afternoon before appointment. Just to calm down. Nature does this in a world of industrialization.

Peace out ~Lana~

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The Patient [30 Nov 2004|11:55pm]

The Progress of Patient x10111101

Alana Newman

~Authorized Personnel Only~
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